“So, YOU’RE MsKraizy?”


I'm a one-woman show backed by a team of imaginary creative consultants...

Yep... that sounds about right.

Bright. Colorful. Vibrant.

Hiya! I'm Mskraizy, an aspiring cartoonist and animation artist.

Kraizy Colorful Plans was initially focused on creating art and printables for decorative paper planners alike. But over time, it has now become my little corner of the planet to just sit down and CREATE.


Bold. Loud. Kraizy.

I grew up around colors. My dad is a painter and he always made sure to incorporate colors into our lives.

I naturally gravitated towards drawing as a young child. But over time, I lost consistency with it and eventually just stopped altogether.

Then Do It.

As a professional self-sabotaging individual, sticking to something until success has always been pretty hard for me. I have always aspired to make animations and create cartoons, but I have somehow always managed to put it off or steer clear of it.

Kraizy Colorful Plans has been my gateway there. Being able to introduce my own characters and story ideas to the world is exhilarating! And knowing that there are others out there who think, feel, and understand the same way I do is equally motivating and inspiring.

I want Kraizy Colorful Plans to be an atmosphere of fun, creativity and growth. A place where nobody has to be too self-conscious about being a little weird or... Kraizy.

Haaa, I just want to CREATE.

That's all. Toodles!


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