*About The Creatchies*

There are more emotions in the world besides being overly optimistic and intensely angry.

And when I created the Creatchies, that was the intention I had in mind.

I was in middle school when I was inspired with the idea of these characters. And over the years, they have been tweaked and edited to the little emotionally full characters they are today.

They are all unique in their own way. They are all very expressive in their own way.

What I love about the Creatchies is that even though they are all wildly different from each other, in the end they balance each other out.

Maybe they don't always agree with each other. And they definitely don't always get along. (I'm looking at you Doma!)

But together, they make a very beautiful and colorful life worth living and feeling every single moment of. Because life is not JUST happy. And it's not JUST sad. And it's not JUST angering. It's all of it!

It's a beautiful swirl of colors that come together to make a crazy cool and colorful kaleidoscope that is LIFE.

But what exactly are the colors of Life, you say?

Well... there's quite a bit of them actually...

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